Things to do in Nakhon Ratchassima

Things to do in Nakhon Ratchassima

Korat (not to be confused with Khao-lak) is where I grew up, went to university and learned to cook. To me, it is home. I’ll be the first to admit that Korat is far from being a classic touristy destination, despite this there is plenty to keep you entertained while staying at Korat. You won’t find Korat on the map because it’s full name is pronounced “Nah-Kon-Rat-Cha-See-Maa”  Here is my little list of things to see and do in Nakhon Ratchassima. 

Thao Suranari (Ya Mo) Monument
Firstly why not start your time in Korat by paying a visit to the Ya Mo statue. Famous in Korat as the lady Boudicca who saved the city of Korat from a Laos invasion around 200years ago. She stands tall and proud in the centre of Korat and is a highly respected heroine. Day and night the locals will queue up to pay their respects to Ya Mo and you should too just to immerse yourself in this Korat tradition of good will. 

Terminal 21
This brand new super stylish megamall was built in 2016 and has everything you want from an indoor mall. The air conditioning in this place is EXCELLENT. Thus making it a great place to visit during the day to escape the heat.

Each floor is cleverly recreated to be a popular tourist location from across the globe with a replica Big Ben clock and an Eiffel Tower that stretches from the ground floor right up to the ceiling. This place is huge, bright, clean, sleek and shiny and is a great place to spend the day shopping, eating, relaxing and playing. 
There is a great food court on the top floor that caters for everyone! 

Korat Zoo
As a family, we love to spend the day at Korat zoo. Be prepared for the heat as this attraction is a full day affair outdoors in the open with little to no shade. Bottled water is a must.

Upon entering the zoo, you have the option of renting a bicycle or hopping on the regular bus that stops at each animal attraction. I highly recommend using some form of transport to get around. 

Because of the massive size of Korat zoo, it never feels too busy. There is plenty of wide open space to walk around at your own pace and enjoy observing the vast selection of wildlife.

Be sure to take your swimsuit because Korat zoo also boasts a pretty impressive waterpark to cool down in at the end of your visit.

Bung ta lua lake
This attraction is very popular with walkers and cyclists alike. The 3km path that guides you around the edge of the lake is patterned with beautifully kept flower gardens and plenty of photo selfie opportunities. There is a little bicycle hire shop at the start of the track where you can rent a bike to cycle round the lake a few times. As with any Thai attraction there is always plenty of street vendors selling the usual array of Thai snacks near the entrance to the lake. Great if your feeling parched after all that cycling and walking! 

Save One Night Market
Once the blazing sun has finally set and the air begins to cool, the Save One night market begins to buzz with activity. Stall holders sell everything you can imagine from clothes, toys and food to musical instruments and even kittens!!! This place has everything you didn’t know you needed.

It is a great way to spend the evening wandering between the hundreds of small stalls and after all that shopping you can grab a bite to eat at the Save One food hall which is just as varied in food as the main market is for trinkets.

This place is a definite must visit for everyone.

Thai craft market

Phimai Historical Park
I’m finishing off this list with a visit to the Phimai Historical Park, an ancient complex of temples and carvings surrounded by lush green gardens that you are free to walk around. The grandeur of this place is breathtaking as it is known to be the largest ancient Khmer temple in Thailand.

The kiosk at the entrance provides you with lots of information that explains the history in detail both in Thai and English. The whole place is kept to a very high standard of cleanliness which creates a sense of peace and serenity when admiring the surroundings as you slowly walk around the gardens. 

If you are visiting Nakhon Ratchassima, we truly hope that you have a great time. It is a wonderful place, away from the usual touristy noise. You are guaranteed to be greeted by big smiles and curious eyes when you arrive. Smile back and say hello and you’ll quickly find the people of Korat to be the most humble and pleasant amongst all of Thailand.



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