An idiots guide to the Thai Bhat exchange rate

An idiots guide to the Thai Bhat exchange rate

First things first, we're on our Holidays! so were not exactly counting the pennies, That being said it is good to know roughly what you're spending when you're splashing the cash. This is how i quickly work out what i'm spending when in Thailand.

Firstly our main figure to work from is the 1000Bhat note. When you exchange your Pounds for Bhat you’ll get a good handful of the 1000Bhat notes.

Assume every 1000Bhat note is £25. Its not of course, its more like £22.50 at the time of writing this but we like whole numbers and if we assume 1000Bhat is £25 we will always have a couple of quid change left over.

From this idea we can quickly calculate 500Bhat is about £12 because half of £25…

Half it again and 250Bhat is about £6

Half it again and 125Bhat is about £3 

Anything smaller than that and were not really too concerned because like I said, we’re on our holidays and what’s a couple of quid… If you really need to know what £1.75 is in Bhat then just work upwards from the standard exchange rate of £1 = 45Bhat

Now on the other side of the scale we know already that 1000Bhat is about £25.

so 2000Bhat must be approximately £50
(or just slightly under)

3000Bhat is £75 
(or just slightly under)

and finally for every 4000Bhat rather than saying it is just slightly under £100, we will just call it exactly £90 because it is, pretty much is bang on.

Now we can quickly work out our big purchases by combining our 4 times table and our 9 times table
4000B = £90
8000B = £180
12,000B = £270
16,000B = £360
20,000B = £450
and so on…

Read this again slowly if it didn’t make sense first time. Get your head around this and you'll be spending with confidence when you're out and about in Thailand. While you’re here check out my Thai sauces they’re delicious!! 

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