What is the most popular Thai food

What is the most popular Thai food

We make tasty Thai cooking sauces. Our sauces have increased in popularity over the years and many people have asked what is the most popular. We have finally put together a list of our 3 most popular Thai cooing sauces in order of deliciousness!

Without question our go-to Thai flavour experience. Dare i say is the "Tikka Masala" of the Thai sauce range. Translated in Thai to "Geng Keow Waan - Sweet Green Curry". Packed with exotic herbs and spices, extremely versatile can be cooked with any selection of Meat and vegetables.Exotic enough to be a totally new flavour sensation but not too far beyond the line of normality that it becomes frightening to those who have yet to try Thai cooking.


Next in line is our Masaman curry sauce. Masaman or "Muslim" curry as it is know has all the traditional flavours and spices you would expect in an Indian curry such as Nutmeg and Cardamom. It is a bit more relatable for people to draw comparisons with curry they know and love. This is usually a hit at craft fairs when the aromas begin to waft across the area, people love to try the flavours of Masaman. Best enjoyed slow cooked with hearty stodgy vegetables such as chunky carrots, new potatoes peanuts. Delicious comfort food all year round.

Finally a curry that can be enjoyed without the fish sauce or shrimp paste. Our vegan curry has a flavour profile of the Thai yellow curry. Rich, sweet aromatic and not too spicy. exotic flavour profile that tastes great when combined with fried tofu and a selection of prepared vegetables. We enjoy it with green beans, fresh basil, carrots, onions and mixed peppers for added colour and vibrancy.

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