Goodbye to another Thai Business :(

Goodbye to another Thai Business :(

The struggle is real.

Unfortunately for those in the Thai food industry. Ingredients are at an ever increasing premium. PEN THAI in Bury United Kingdom is another example of a family's hopes and dreams of starting a successful business recently gone. We wish them every bit of luck in their future endeavours. A couple of years ago another Bury rising star named "A Taste of Thailand" also closed its doors for the last time.

Thai restaurants and Take Away sadly come and go as the UK's taste for Thai food is increasing, it is sadly not increasing fast enough for it to have gained mainstream popularity just yet.

Please consider ordering Thai food when you're next looing to order a take away. support your local Thai establishment. Yes it may be a little more expensive than a pizza, or a bucket of fried chicken, but the Thai establishments are run by real people, families and friends trying to make a success. They need your help now more than ever.

Thank you 
Kop Kun Ka

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