Photography DONE!!

Photography DONE!!

We have been meaning to get all of our photography done for weeks now. But one thing has lead to another and we have just been using filler images from Google.

We are delighted to confirm that all the photos on our website shop are our own and surprisingly taken on Iphones!

We were really happy with how the images have turned out, we think the curry sauces look fantastic. The colours really do pop out at you with the slate backgrounds and the images of the curries in the bowls look delicious!

We are still excitedly awaiting our first customer (Friends and family don't count) and we have an idea to run a little competition to get people to click on the website and join our emailing list!

So keep a lookout for that. We might start it on the 1st of Feb 2023 and close it at the end of Feb 2023.

That's all for now. hope you like the photographs!

Mae Ja

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