SHOP BUILT!!! But you cant buy anything just yet

SHOP BUILT!!! But you cant buy anything just yet

Our basic shop is now live!

were just sorting out some minor issues with Shopify as were currently unable to take payments and without payments we cant take orders.

In the meantime, Be sure to follow us on TIK TOK to see what were up to setting up the new business and getting things ready for our first order.

Were excited to receive our first order whoever you may be and wherever you are from. 

If anyone reading this is looking to setup their own E-Commerce shop. I would definitely recommend Shopify. I had no idea what i was doing before i decided to use shopify.

Now here i am 24 hours later, with my own online shop setup, writing a blog post on my own website. Absolutely fantastic service and simple to use interface.

Thanks for reading.
Kop Kun Ka

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