The best place to get Asian ingredients in Manchester!

The best place to get Asian ingredients in Manchester!

Chi Yip Middleton is a place we visit a lot to get our range of quality Asian ingredients for our sauces. We love this place because it is outside of Central Manchester so the parking is free and the traffic is minimal.

The place is deceptively small for a supermarket but it is guaranteed to have everything you need. Make sure you have a £1 coin for the trolley. As you enter you are first greeted by a range of fresh vegetables, herbs, chillies and exotic fruits. They have most items in single for the public and bulk for businesses.


Chi Yip Middleton

After the fruit and veg section, there is a fresh meat and seafood counter with a good selection of seafoods on crushed ice. The king prawns are excellent quality large and super juicy when cooked. At the end of the meat section is a roast duck counter where you can buy a full cooked roast duck and have them chop it up for you for about £22. This duck is delicious, as you buy it can be quite oily and sloppy, but whack it in the air fryer / oven when you get home and you're in for a delicious crispy duck delight.


At Chi Yip you are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to sauces and ingredients. From tins of coconut milk, bottles of sweet chilli, packets of dried chillies. Everything you need to cook up some delicious Asian food is here.

For those Salt and Pepper chicken lovers. we hear you. Its almost impossible to find the stuff you need to cook up some Salt and Pepper chips or salt and pepper chicken at home. That's because you're missing the key ingredient. Salt and Pepper seasoning!! Chi Yip have it.


I wont bore you by listing everything Chi Yip has on the shelves. Just get yourself down there and have fun looking around. you'll never know what mysterious food items you will come across... like this for example.

Your guess is as good as mine!! 


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