Valentines Day!

Struggling to find that perfect valentines day gift?

I'm not for one second suggesting that you buy a jar of curry sauce for your loved one as a valentines day gift. As delicious as our cooking sauces are, I don't think your other half would be very impressed unwrapping a gift box to be presented with a jar of cooking sauce.

Putting valentines day aside for a moment, One thing that does bring us together as loved ones or as a family is mealtimes! Eating at the table, eating good food, taking and being together. We know mealtimes can be a challenging affair with everyone wanting different things. Our sauces can cater for most people now with our addition of our sweet and sour sauce.

Kids love our Yellow curry sauce and our sweet and sour sauces. If you are not a lover of all things spicy, be sure to give those sauces a try. you will not be disappointed!!

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