Thai Red Curry: A Flavorful Journey into Thai Culinary Paradise

What is Thai Red Curry and What makes this dish so popular!

Introduction to Thai Red Curry: Thailand's most iconic spicy curry

If you're looking to embark on a culinary adventure that'll have your taste buds dancing with delight, then Thai Red Curry should be your next destination. This iconic Thai dish is a harmonious blend of exotic flavours, aromatic herbs, and a spicy kick that will transport your senses to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Today we'll take you on a journey through the mesmerising world of Thai Red Curry, from its rich history to its mouthwatering flavours. And, by the way, if you're intrigued and want to bring this Thai delight to your kitchen, we may have just the perfect solution you have been looking for!

Red Curry: Thailands Tasteful Culinary Legacy

Thai cuisine is renowned for its bold flavours, and Thai Red Curry is a shining example of this gastronomic prowess. Originating in the central plains of Thailand, this curry is a testament to the country's diverse culinary influences, which include Chinese, Indian, and Malay flavours.

Thai Red Curry owes its vibrant colour and fiery kick to the spicy red Thai bird's eye chilies, which are skillfully balanced by the creaminess of rich creamy coconut milk.


Thai Red Curry Dish in a bowl by Mae Ja Thai food online


A Taste Sensation: The Flavour of Thai Red Curry

At the heart of Thai Red Curry lies a symphony of ingredients that create an unforgettable flavour profile. Lemongrass lends its citrusy zing, while galangal, a cousin of ginger, contributes its unique aromatic spiciness. Kaffir lime leaves and coriander add a refreshing herbal note, while fish sauce and shrimp paste provide the savoury umami depth that Thai cuisine is celebrated for. The star of the show, however, is the Thai red curry paste, a blend of red chili peppers, garlic, shallots, and various spices that infuse the dish with its signature heat.


The first spoonful of Thai Red Curry is like a flavour explosion in your mouth. The velvety coconut milk calms the fiery storm, providing a creamy backdrop for the red curry paste's spicy dance. The lemongrass and galangal contribute a citrusy and fiery note that awakens your palate, while the kaffir lime leaves offer a refreshing, almost floral aroma. The vegetables, often included in Thai Red Curry, add a burst of colour and a delightful crunch, making each bite a well-balanced experience of textures and flavours.



Thai Red Curry Dish: A Versatile flavour explosion of spice and complexity

What makes Thai Red Curry even more incredible is its versatility. Whether you're a carnivore, a seafood lover, or a devoted vegetarian, there's a Thai Red Curry variation to suit your taste buds. Popular choices include chicken, beef, king prawns, tofu, or a medley of fresh vegetables. The beauty of this dish is that you can tailor it to your preferences, making it a go-to recipe for family dinners or special occasions.


Red Curry Thai Food Ideas by Mae Ja

The vibrant red colour of this curry sauce really compliments good quality red meats like thinly sliced beef topside, lean fillet steak, lamb fillet or duck breast. Yet it has the versatility to go really well with chicken breast, pork fillet or fried tofu pieces.

Here at Mae Ja’s Thai Foods Online, We believe that Thai red curry is a savoury and complex Thai flavour experience, where the prime cuts of meat serve as the primary component that gives this dish its decadent allure. It is also exceptional when cooked with fish such as: Cod, Hake, Monkfish or any other meaty white fish. This is a must-try for creating a delicious pescatarian fish Thai red curry.

We usually recommend a simple vegetable combination such as red and green peppers, sliced carrots and garnished with sliced red chilies and basil leaves on top.

Recommended meat choices for a Thai Red Curry Dish

  • Duck Breast (Boneless)
  • Beef (Topside sliced into thin strips)
  • Beef (Fillet steak sliced into chunkier thin strips)
  • Lean Lamb
  • Venison
  • Chicken breast (Cubed)
  • Fish Fillet, Meaty White fish such as Cod, Haddock, Monkfish, Hake and Salmon

Recommended vegetables

Keep it simple, maybe just use one or two of the following choices:

  • Red and/or Green peppers
  • carrots
  • aubergine
  • sweet potato
  • bamboo fresh or tinned

Pairing Suggestions

Again keep it simple. We think that a spicy Thai red curry tastes great when served with Thai Jasmine white Rice, Or alternatively Thai Coconut Rice

And for the heathens out there who choose not to play by the rules, Chunky chips go really well with a Thai red curry, but you didn’t hear that from us!! 


The secret to cooking a delicious Authentic Thai Red Curry Dish at home yourself

And now, let me introduce you to a secret that will elevate your Thai Red Curry experience to new heights. Our range of handcrafted sauces includes an authentic Thai Red Curry sauce, made with utmost care following our cherished family recipe. Each jar contains a piece of our culinary heritage, and when you use it to create your own Thai Red Curry masterpiece, you'll be transported to the heart of Thailand, right in your own kitchen.


Want to know more about our hand crafted Thai cooking sauce. Simply Tap the image below and place your order with us.

Thai Red Curry sauce in a jar by Mae Ja Thai foods online

Create the perfect Thai Red Curry Dish at home with Mae Ja Red Curry Thai Sauce

Our gourmet Thai red curry sauce in a jar, boasts a bold red hue derived from the dried red chilies. These spicy chilies are pounded together with garlic, shallots, kafir lime peel and other Thai spices to make the delectable Thai red curry paste, which is then fused together in a rich and velvety smooth premium coconut milk.

Widely regarded as the spiciest among the popular Thai curries, we think our authentic Thai red sauce promises to be a deliciously complex array of spicy Thai flavours and will be the foundation for many delicious Thai red dishes created by you at home.

Mae Ja’s Thai Red Curry Sauce In Five Words

Spicy, Complex, Bold, Fiery, Exotic


Cooking Tips and Tricks

We also like to add a savoury crunch by adding some peanuts or cashew nuts at the very end just before serving, sprinkle on top for creative flair. This looks great when presenting on the dining table, but also adds a delicious savoury crunch to any Thai red curry dish.

Serve in a beautiful presentation bowl and add a couple of drops of cream or coconut milk to the top. This will float on the surface and add a nice contrast against the red sauce as you can see in our product photos.


Spice Level 

We have made our Thai Red Curry Sauce medium in spice level, if you prefer a much spicier Thai Red Curry then perhaps consider purchasing one of our pots of spicy dried chilies and add them sparingly when cooking your delicious Thai Red Curry to really bring the fiery heat. 


Thai Red Curry Sauce Ingredients

Coconut Milk, Water, Garlic, Dried Red Chilli, Lemongrass, Shallot, salt, Galangal, Shrimp Paste (Crustacean), Kafir Lime Peel, Pepper, Sugar, Anchovy (Fish), Added Seasonings Containing: (Flavour Enhancer E621, Yeast Extract, Soybean Protein (Soybean) Stabilizer: Xanthan Gum


Additional Information

  • This Sauce is cooked and bottled in the UK by Expert Thai sauce artisans at Mae Ja
  • This sauce is Gluten Free
  • Allergens include: Soy, Fish, Crustacean
  • Store in a cool dry place and for best results use within the date printed on the label
  • Serves 2 to 3 people
  • Volume 380ml


About Mae Ja Thai Food Online Delivery Service

All of our gourmet Thai cooking sauces are hand crafted in the UK and are posted directly to you, So if you are looking for a Thai Food delivery service in the UK that specialises in authentic flavours of Thailand delivered to your doorstep, give Mae Ja Thai Foods a try, You wont be disappointed.

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