Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai Recipe

Preparation time approx: 2 Hours
Cooking time approx: 5 minutes

This is your no nonsense pad Thai recipe, Why is this different from the rest of the online Pad Thai recipes I hear you ask, because simply put, we use our very own Mae Ja Pad Thai Sauce to take it to the next level in tasty Thai authenticity.

The key to rustling up a delicious pad Thai is all in the preparation. It is essential to have everything you will need set to one side near your wok because once the cooking starts, Pad Thai is a very quick dish to make.

This is why Pad Thai it is a staple Thai street food dish because of its very quick cooking time. Pad Thai makes a wonderfully colourful centerpiece on the dining table and is perfect for sharing.

Pad Thai recipe


Ingredients (Serves 4): 

  • Shredded carrot (one small handful)

  • Shredded cabbage (one small handful)

  • Shredded Leek (one small handful)

  • Peanuts (Two tablespoons)

  • Any protein of your choice, Pad Thai goes great with anything, we we specially love to use tofu, chicken, beef or king prawns

  • To add more colour to your Pad Thai at the end you could add: Lime (cut in half) , Spring onion, dried chilies and Coriander 


    PRO TIP: Invest in one of these, They are perfect for creating lovely shreds of cabbage, carrots and leek. You can usually find them in TK Maxx in the kitchen section, in most Asian supermarkets and of course Amazon 


    NOTE BEFORE YOU READ ON: We actually have a short TIK TOK video showing you exactly how we cook a delicious king prawn pad Thai. Simply tap right here to view that video for a more detailed description please read on.


    1. Prepare the whole packet of rice sticks by soaking them in a large pan of lukewarm water straight from the tap for at least 2 hours allowing the water to cool down naturally. Once the soaking has finished, the rice sticks should be nice and soft. Drain all the excess water using a colander or sieve and set to one side. For the best results we recommend soaking in cold water overnight.

    2. Prepare the Carrot, Cabbage and Leek by creating very thin noodle like shreds of each vegetable. The best tool for this is shown above, This can also be done using a sharp knife with some fine knife skills. Just make sure they are nice and thin so that they will cook quickly (Within 5 minutes). Set the prepared shredded vegetables to one side.

    3. Slice any meats into thin strips and set to one side. Pad Thai is a very quick dish to make once the cooking starts, so you really don't want to have big chunks of meat in there because it won't have time to cook throughout.


    1. Add a splash of cooking oil to a large hot wok and allow it to heat up

    2. Add the large egg and protein of your choice and stir fry together in the sizzling hot oil
      (Approx.30 seconds)

    3. Pour in the whole 300ml jar of Mae Ja Pad Thai Sauce quickly followed by the soft rice noodles. Stir fry together allowing the noodles to soak up the pad Thai sauce
      (Approx. 1 minute)

    4. Add the shredded cabbage and carrot and stir fry together
      (Approx. 30 seconds)

    5. Add the peanuts and continue to stir fry together,
      (Approx. 15 seconds)

    6. Finally add the shredded leek and stir fry everything together, Allow time for all the vegetables to cook and the meats to be cooked. 

    7. The dish is complete once you have taste tested the vegetables and meats and can confirm that they are thoroughly cooked

    8. Serve in a large presentation plate and garnish with a couple of sliced limes, coriander, dried chilli flakes and sprinkle the top of your delicious Pad Thai with finely chopped spring onions for a burst of colour.
    Pad Thai Sauce


    At Mae Ja Thai Foods, we specialize in handcrafted gourmet Thai cooking sauces, so you can enjoy authentic Thai flavors without the fuss. Our mission is to make Thai cuisine accessible to everyone, and we hope this recipe has inspired you to embark on your Thai cooking journey. 

    Be sure to stop by our online store and check out our range of hand crafted Thai cooking sauces. We have lovingly captured all the exotic flavours of Thailand in a jar so you can simply open and enjoy at home!

    Thai cooking sauces

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