Thai Red Curry, Thai Yellow Curry, Thai Green Curry: What's the difference?

Thai cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its bold flavors and aromatic spices, and at the heart of this culinary tradition are three iconic Thai curries. Each one is a masterpiece of delicious Thai flavour, with its own unique blend of ingredients and colours. In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through three of the most popular curries and understand there is more than just the difference in colour

Thai Red Curry

Let's start our exploration with Thai red curry, perhaps the most well-known of the Thai curries. Known for its fiery red hue and intense flavour, red curry is made with a combination of red chili peppers, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, galangal, and other spices. The key ingredient that gives red curry its distinctive colour and heat is the red chili paste, which is made by pounding together dried red chilies with various aromatics.

The flavour profile of Thai red curry is complex and balanced, with a harmonious blend of spiciness, sweetness, and umami. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of proteins, such as chicken, beef, pork, or tofu, as well as a colourful array of vegetables.

Thai Red Curry

Thai Yellow Curry

Next up is yellow curry, known for its vibrant yellow colour and mild, aromatic flavour. Yellow curry gets its colour from turmeric, a bright yellow spice that is also prized for its health benefits. In addition to turmeric, Thai yellow curry typically contains ingredients such as ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and shallots, along with a blend of fragrant spices like cumin, coriander, and cinnamon.

Thai yellow curry is milder in heat compared to red curry, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more subtle spiciness. It has a creamy texture and a slightly sweet taste, thanks to the addition of coconut milk. Yellow curry pairs beautifully with chicken, shrimp, or vegetables, and is often served with rice or noodles and is comparable in flavour to Japanese style Katsu curry.

Thai Yellow Curry

Thai Green Curry

Last but certainly not least, we have Thai green curry, renowned for its vibrant green colour and bold, fresh flavour. Green curry gets its famous green colour from a blend of fresh green chili peppers, along with other aromatic herbs and spices such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and Thai basil. The result is a curry that is both fragrant and spicy, with a bright, herbaceous taste.

Green curry is typically made with coconut milk, which lends it a creamy texture and helps to balance out the heat from the chili peppers. It pairs wonderfully with seafood such as shrimp or fish, as well as with chicken or tofu. Green curry is often served with rice or noodles, and is sure to delight your taste buds with its bold flavours.

Thai Green Curry

In conclusion, Thai curry is a versatile and flavourful dish that has become world famous for its colour, spiciness and taste explosion. Whether you prefer the fiery heat of red curry, the subtle spices of yellow curry, or the bold flavours of green curry, there's a Thai curry to suit every palate. So why not spice up your next meal with a taste of Thailand from Mae Ja Thai Sauces? Your taste buds will thank you!

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