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Discover the Exquisite Allure of Thai Green Curry: A Culinary Journey to Thailand's Most Iconic Dish

A Brief Introduction to Thai Green Curry: 

If you're yearning for a culinary journey that will tantalise your taste buds with exotic and aromatic flavours, then Thai Green Curry is your perfect destination. This iconic Thai dish is a delightful blend of vibrant flavours, fragrant herbs, and a touch of sweetness that will transport your senses to the lush landscapes of Thailand.

Today, we invite you to explore the enchanting world of Thai Green Curry, from its rich history to its delectable flavours. And if you're intrigued and eager to bring this Thai delight into your kitchen, we have just the solution you're looking for!

Green Curry: Thailand's Flavorful Culinary Heritage

Thai cuisine is celebrated for its bold flavours, and Thai Green Curry stands as a testament to this culinary excellence. Originating from central Thailand, this curry showcases the country's diverse culinary influences, including Indian, Chinese, and Malay flavours.

Thai Green Curry owes its vibrant green hue and unique flavour to the fresh green chilies and fragrant herbs, perfectly balanced by the creamy richness of coconut milk.


a bowl of thai green curry by mae ja thai foods online


A Taste Sensation: The Flavour of Thai Green Curry

At the heart of Thai Green Curry lies a symphony of ingredients that create an unforgettable flavour profile. The aromatic lemongrass adds a citrusy zing, while galangal, a relative of ginger, imparts its distinct spicy aroma. Kaffir lime leaves and fresh coriander introduce a refreshing herbal note, and the fish sauce and shrimp paste bring the savory umami depth that defines Thai cuisine. The star of the show, however, is the Thai green curry paste, a blend of green chilies, garlic, shallots, and an array of spices that infuse the dish with its signature taste.

The first spoonful of Thai Green Curry is a flavour explosion in your mouth. The velvety coconut milk tempers the heat, providing a creamy backdrop for the green curry paste's vibrant dance. The lemongrass and galangal contribute a citrusy and fiery note that awakens your palate, while the kaffir lime leaves offer a refreshing, almost floral aroma. The vegetables, often included in Thai Green Curry, add a burst of color and a delightful crunch, making each bite a well-balanced experience of textures and flavours.

Thai Green Curry Dish: A Versatile Flavour Explosion of Spice and Complexity

What makes Thai Green Curry even more extraordinary is its versatility. Whether you're a meat lover, a seafood enthusiast, or a devoted vegetarian, there's a Thai Green Curry variation to suit your taste buds. Popular choices include chicken, beef, prawns, tofu, or a medley of fresh vegetables. The beauty of this dish is that you can tailor it to your preferences, making it a perfect recipe for family dinners or special occasions.

The vibrant green colour of this curry sauce beautifully complements tender meats like chicken breast, beef fillet, or lamb. It also pairs wonderfully with seafood like prawns or white fish, and it shines just as brightly with tofu for a vegetarian option.

Here at Mae Ja’s Thai Foods Online, we believe that Thai Green Curry is a delicious and complex Thai flavour experience. The prime cuts of meat serve as the primary component that gives this dish its luxurious allure. It's also exceptional when cooked with fish such as cod, hake, monkfish, or any other meaty white fish. This is a must-try for creating a delightful pescatarian Thai green curry.

We usually recommend a simple vegetable combination such as green beans, bell peppers, and baby corn, garnished with fresh basil leaves and sliced green chilies on top.

Recommended Meat and Vegetable Choices for a Thai Green Curry Dish

Meat Options:

  • Chicken Breast (Cubed)
  • Beef Fillet (Sliced)
  • Lean Lamb
  • Prawns
  • Fish Fillet (Cod, Haddock, Monkfish, Hake)

Vegetable Options:

  • Green Beans
  • Bell Peppers
  • Baby Corn
  • Aubergine
  • Courgettes
  • Bamboo Shoots (Fresh or Tinned)

Pairing Suggestions

Keep it simple. We think that a spicy Thai Green Curry tastes great when served with Thai Jasmine Rice, or alternatively, Thai Coconut Rice.

For those who like a twist, chunky chips pair surprisingly well with Thai Green Curry, but you didn't hear that from us!

The Secret to Cooking a Delicious Authentic Thai Green Curry Dish at Home

And now, let us introduce you to a secret that will elevate your Thai Green Curry experience to new heights. Our range of handcrafted sauces includes an authentic Thai Green Curry sauce, made with utmost care following our cherished family recipe. Each jar contains a piece of our culinary heritage, and when you use it to create your own Thai Green Curry masterpiece, you'll be transported to the heart of Thailand, right in your own kitchen.

Three jars of authentic thai green curry sauce by mae ja thai foods online


Cooking Tips and Tricks

If cooking with red meats like beef, lamb and duck, Be sure to wash and drain the meat thoroughly before adding to the Thai green curry because the red meat juices can really dull the vibrancy of the green colour. 

Alternatively cook the red meats separately and add the cooked meats to your green Thai curry at a later stage.

Spice Level 

We have made this Thai Green Curry Sauce mild to medium in spice level, if you prefer a much spicier Thai Green Curry then maybe purchase one of our pots of spicy dried chilies and add them when cooking to really increase the heat levels to your liking. 


Thai Green Curry Ingredients

Coconut Milk, Water, Greeen Chilli, Lemongrass, Garlic, Basil, Salt, Galangal, Shrimp Paste (Crustacean), Kafir Lime Peel, Coriander seed, Pepper, Cumin, Tumeric, Sugar, Anchovy (Fish), Added Seasonings Containing: (Flavour Enhancer
E621, Yeast Extract, Soybean Protein (Soybean) Stabilizer: Xanthan Gum


Additional Information

  • This Sauce is cooked and bottled in the UK by Expert Thai sauce artisans at Mae Ja
  • This sauce is Gluten Free
  • Allergens include: Soy, Fish, Crustacean
  • Store in a cool dry place and for best results use within the date printed on the label
  • Serves 2 to 3 people
  • Volume 380ml

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